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Artificial intelligence as behavioral analyst
Computer algorithms disassemble prey capture behavior of zebrafish into its components Show more news
Young zebrafish could provide information on nerve cell circuits for social behavior
Johannes Larsch receives NARSAD Young Investigator Grant Show more news
Interactive zebrafish brain
Max Planck scientists create the first nerve cell atlas of a vertebrate brain Show more news
Live streaming the brain - Neurons in the pretectum calculate space-filling movements
Neurobiologists show how movement information flows through the fish brain Show more news
Should I stay or should I go? Decisions take a straight path through the fish brain
Max Planck neurobiologists show how visual perceptions are translated into behavior Show more news
How to recognise your own kind

How to recognise your own kind

November 01, 2018
Zebrafish identify virtual shoal partners based on motion patterns typical of their species Show more news
Neural and genetic foundations of individuality and personality
Carlos Pantoja receives a NARSAD Young Investigator Grant Show more news
Illuminating neural pathways in the living brain
Optobow method makes functional connections between individual neurons visible Show more news
Remote control of behaviour by optically activating single neurons
New method allows linking individual neurons and network activity to behaviour in zebrafish Show more news
Hunger shifts sensory perception in the fish brain
Neurobiologists show how satiety may influence decisions Show more news
Fumi Kubo receives the Young Investigator Award 2016
Acknowledgement of research on the neural circuit that processes visual motion Show more news
New microscope designed to reveal the function of individual genes in the brain
The new method could help to identify genes and their role in neuropsychiatric disorders Show more news
Fish on the run

Fish on the run

June 25, 2015
Researchers describe how an approaching object triggers a flight reaction in the fish brain Show more news
Recognition of young scientists' outstanding publications
Tod Thiele and Katrin Vogt are awarded 1000€ each for their papers Show more news
Which dot will they hunt?

Which dot will they hunt?

December 15, 2014
Prey is recognised even by the zebrafish retina Show more news
Division of labour in the fish brain
A small group of nerve cells control swim posture Show more news
How vision makes sure that little fish do not get carried away
Newly discovered types of neurons in the animals’ brain help to compensate for self-motion Show more news
Depressed fish could help in the search for new drug treatments
Antidepressant normalises the behaviour of zebrafish with a defective stress hormone receptor Show more news
Herwig Baier becomes a member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO)
Acknowledgement of the neurobiologist's extraordinary achievements Show more news
New director at the institute
Herwig Baier will come to Martinsried to continue his research Show more news
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