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Recognition for outstanding publications by young scientists
Young Scientist Award 2020 goes to Nikolai Hörmann and Nate Nejc Dolensek [more]
The complex task of staying on course
To fly straight, fruit flies need the ability to detect motion. [more]
The protein dress of a neuron
New method marks proteins and reveals the receptors in which neurons are dressed [more]
Everything is relative: How flies see the world
The neural code in the fly brain continuously adapts to environmental conditions [more]
Otto Hahn Medals 2019

Otto Hahn Medals 2019

June 25, 2019
Aljoscha Leonhardt and Georg Ammer are being honored for their outstanding research [more]
Multitasking with perfection: Nerve cell works like 1400 individual cells
Amacrine cell in the fruit fly visual system consists of electrically isolated subunits [more]
Young Scientist Award

Young Scientist Award

April 03, 2019
Inês Ribeiro and Arne Fabritius recognized for their outstanding publications [more]
Three nerve cells are sufficient to steer a fly
HS cells correct an unwanted rotation movement by slowing down the legs [more]
LC10 – the neuron that tracks fruit flies
How visual information about other flies reaches the male brain [more]
<p>Award for outstanding publications of young scientists </p>
Tobias Rose and Co-first authors Matthias Meier und Etienne Serbe receive „Young Scientist Award“ [more]
The more active the fly, the faster its brain works
Neurobiologists discover important characteristics of the motion detector in the fly brain [more]
Neuron unites two theoretical models on motion detection
Computation of motion by T4 cells in the fly brain more complex than previously believed [more]
Outstanding research and publications
Alex Mauss and Fiona Müllner receive Young Scientist Award [more]
Neuronal calculations consider expectations
The fly brain takes typical features of the environment into account when calculating motion [more]
Cells that show where things are going
Neurobiologists characterize nerve cells that detect motion by light changes [more]
Relative perception of the world
Optical illusions show how the fly brain processes contrast and motion information [more]
Surprising similarity in fly and mouse motion vision
Motion direction is computed by similar types of neural circuits [more]
Cellular motion filters

Cellular motion filters

July 16, 2015
Opponent activity of a new type of neuron is responsible for selective motion vision [more]
Alexander Borst receives Valentino Braitenberg Award
Prize for Computational Neuroscience [more]
Young Scientist Award

Young Scientist Award

December 09, 2013
Armin Bahl and Matthew Maissak acknowledged for outstanding publications [more]
Motion layers in the brain

Motion layers in the brain

August 07, 2013
Neurobiologists discover elementary motion detectors in the fruit fly [more]
Blind and yet not blind
Flies use different nerve cell circuits to process motion and position information [more]
Prof. Dr. Alexander Borst receives FENS EJN Research Award 2014
Recognition of outstanding scientific work in any area of neuroscience [more]
Internationally renowned scientist is coming to Martinsried for one year
Fabrizio Gabbiani is going to dissect motion vision together with Alexander Borst [more]
Election as member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences
Great honor for Alexander Borst [more]

Young Scientist Award

November 18, 2011
Farida Hellal and Hubert Eichner are recognized for outstanding publications [more]
Tracking down motion perception
Neurobiologists have determined the number of circuits needed to see movements [more]
<strong></strong><strong>Otto Hahn Medal for young MPIN scientist<br /></strong>
Maximilian Jösch Krotki is awarded the prize for his outstanding research [more]
Franz Weber and Michael Stiess receive <em>Outstanding Paper Award</em>
Acknowledgement of exceptional scientific publications published by young scientists from the institute. [more]
Evolutionary bestseller in image processing
Nerve cells in the eyes of flies and vertebrates use similar process to split up optical information [more]
Nerve cells in optic flow

Nerve cells in optic flow

September 15, 2010
Nerve cells use internal amplifiers to compensate for discrepancies in optic input [more]
The brain of the fly - a high-speed computer
Neurobiologists use state-of-the-art methods to decode the basics of motion detection [more]
Kai Kessenbrock, Yishai Elyada and Alessandro Filosa receive Outstanding Paper Award
This year, three young scientists are honoured for their publications [more]
Cells with double vision

Cells with double vision

February 17, 2009
How one and the same nerve cell reacts to two visual areas [more]
Genetics meets physiology: Research in a minute brain
Neurobiologists can now combine genetic and physiological methods in the tiny brain of the fruit fly. [more]
Electrified cells don’t get dizzy
Max Planck Scientists reveal the details of a neuronal circuit in the fly`s brain [more]
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