News and research highlights from the department

Award for outstanding publications
Susanne Falkner and co-first authors Daniel del Toro & Tobias Ruff receive „Young Scientist Award“ [more]
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Neurons in the amygdala link food consumption to reward [more]
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Adhesion of migrating neurons influences the folding of the cerebral cortex [more]
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Hungry cells on the move

September 06, 2016
Researchers discover a signalling pathway that enables cells to reach their destinations through repulsion [more]
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Signaling molecules can make neuronal extensions retract at a distance [more]
Irina Dudanova receives <em>For Women in Science</em> award
UNESCO-L'Oréal prize helps excellent female scientists to continue their career while having children [more]
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Navigation for nerve cells

October 22, 2014

FLRT proteins direct precursors of pyramidal cells to their destination by attractant and repellent signals

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Proteases help nerve cells to navigate [more]
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The proportion of different receptor groups in the cell membrane determines whether cell repulsion takes place [more]
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New link discovered between processes associated with a Parkinson’s-related gene defect [more]
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New cell type paves the way for movement-related nerve fibres [more]
EU grant awarded for dementia research
Max Planck researchers receive 13.9 Million Euros in EU funding [more]
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Sensitive nerve cells

April 06, 2010
A massive loss of nerve cells as seen in Parkinson's disease is triggered off only when three conditions are met [more]
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The astrocytes have a say in how efficient nerve cells exchange information [more]
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The correct number of Eph receptors on the surface of nerve cells makes it possible to create a meaningful link from experiences to emotions [more]
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Signaling Ret-receptors protect the live of nerve cells in the aging brain [more]
Natural cancer inhibition
Scientists identified a protein in the body of mice which inhibits cell division of skin cells and may thus prevent the development of tumors [information in German]. [more]
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