News and research highlights from the Griesbeck lab

Directed protein evolution with CRISPR-Cas9
New area of application for gene scissors: Optimized proteins for biomedical research [more]
Young Scientist Award

Young Scientist Award

April 03, 2019
Inês Ribeiro and Arne Fabritius recognized for their outstanding publications [more]
Protein for deeper insights into the brain
Researchers publish building instructions to promote biomedical research [more]
Color processing in the tiny brain of fruit flies
Biologists explain basic mechanisms of color vision in an invertebrate [more]
New Lights for Research

New Lights for Research

February 18, 2014
New indicators create conditions for the observation of smallest biological processes [more]
Luminous paths in the brain

Luminous paths in the brain

August 10, 2008
Thanks to a new indicator molecule, scientists can now observe the activity of single nerve cells on a long-term basis [more]
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