News and research highlights from "Sensorimotor Control"

Making balanced decisions
Neuronal circuits in the brain 'sense' our inner state [more]
Motion patterns instead of pixels
Higher brain areas receive a functional rather than realistic view of the environment [more]
Decision-making process becomes visible in the brain
Transparent fish larvae reveal how a decision makes its way through the brain [more]
It takes more than a global impression to move a fish
Larval zebrafish require both global and local visual stimuli to avoid drifting [more]
Making sense of the cerebellum
Zebrafish brain reveals a deceptively simple organization for encoding complex sensorimotor information [more]
Spontaneity in the brain

Spontaneity in the brain

August 31, 2018
Scientists aim to understand how random behavior arises [more]
Go against the flow

Go against the flow

July 12, 2017
How fish detect and keep their position in water flowing with constant velocity [more]
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