Research videos

How birds learn to sing

For the Dance Your PhD 2021 Contest, PhD student Alexandra Rother and her friends danced her research topic. In this video, they show us in a creative way what happens in a bird’s brain while it learns to sing and how Alexandra analyzed this using electron microscopy.

In a tight spot

Encircled by predators, a small fish has to decide in which direction to flee. A newly discovered neuronal circuit helps zebrafish in such situations to identify the important visual stimuli. This video summarizes the study published 2020 in Neuron.

Tracing the many paths of vision

Light, prey or predator? Different optical stimuli evoke completely different behaviors in fish. The cartoon summarizes a new study published in Neuron that decodes the molecular diversity of neurons in the zebrafish retina. This allows to analyze individual cell types and assign them a specific role in regulating the fish’s behavior.

Individual differences in the brain

Different personality traits in zebrafish are reflected by different brain activity. Carlos Pantoja and Herwig Baier summarize their study published 2020 in Current Biology: Rapid effects of selection on brain-wide activity and behavior.

Finding the building blocks of behavior

Duncan Mearns and his colleagues from Herwig Baier's lab deconstructed the hunting behavior of zebrafish, using AI and 3D recording technologies. The video gives insights into the study published in Current Biology in 2019.

Safe on your feet: Sense of touch is more important than expected

Sónia Paixão and Rüdiger Klein talk about their study published 2019 in Neuron: Identification of spinal neurons contributing to the dorsal column projection mediating fine touch and corrective motor movements.

Live streaming the brain and an interactive zebrafish nerve cell atlas

Anna Kramer and Michael Kunst from the department of Herwig Baier summarize their studies published 2019 in Neuron: Neuronal architecture of a visual center that processes optic flow & A cellular-resolution atlas of the larval zebrafish brain
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