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The Max Planck Society

Knowledge is everything. And basic research is the most important process to understand our world and broaden our horizon. Among all the basic research institutions worldwide, the Max Planck Society provides one of the best environments for top scientists. But how exactly do we make this possible? Here it is - explained in 75 sconds.

Synaptic plasticity - How synapses spark

Learning takes place on a synaptic level. Whenever we learn something new, changes in the signal transfer functions of many synapses occur. Tobias Bonhoeffer investigates the neurobiological foundations of learning and discovered that new synapses can be produced and dismantled in the brain throughout life.

Optogenetics - light gets on your nerves

Nerve cells, being switched on and off with light? This is possible through optogenetics. The film describes this technology and its contribution to basic research and possibly medicine.
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