Franz Weber and Michael Stiess receive Outstanding Paper Award

Acknowledgement of exceptional scientific publications published by young scientists from the institute.

December 06, 2010
The laureates, their supervisors and the founders (from left to right): Dr. Frank Bradke, Dr. Rosa Laura Wekerle Oropeza, Prof. Dr. Alexander Borst, Franz Weber, Dr. Michael Stiess, Prof. Dr. Hartmut Wekerle

Once a year, the Rosa Laura and Hartmut Wekerle Trust bestows the Outstanding Paper Award for exceptional scientific publications published by young scientists from the Institute. The awardees for the year 2010 are Franz Weber and Michael Stiess, who received the award and the prize money of 1000 Euro on December 6.

The award-winning publications

Nerve cells use internal amplifiers to compensate for discrepancies in optic input more

Franz Weber studied biology at the University of Regensburg and bioinformatics at the Ludwigs-Maximilians University and the Technical University of Munich. In 2007 he joined the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology, where he works in the department of Prof. Alexander Borst, first for his Bachelor's and now for his doctoral thesis.

An important discovery for neuronal regeneration: the supporting structures of neurons can form directly at an injury site more

Dr. Michael Stiess studied biochemistry at the Technical University of Munich and joined the Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology in Martinsried in 2006. Here he did research first for his Master's thesis and later for his doctoral thesis in the Max Planck Research Group "Axonale Regeneration" headed by Dr. Frank Bradke.

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