News and research highlights from the department

Artificial intelligence learns to recognize nerve cells by their appearance
Neurobiologists train artificial neural networks to map the brain [more]
Artificial neural networks now able to help reveal a brain’s structure
Digital image analysis steps up to the task of reliably reconstructing individual nerve cells [more]
Understanding the brain with the help of artificial intelligence
Neurobiologists program a neural network for analyzing the brain’s wiring [more]
Deep insights into the brain: Zülch Prize 2015
Winfried Denk develops new microscopy methods, thereby revolutionizing neuroscience [more]
Open road to the circuit diagram of the brain
Staining method brings the reconstruction of all nerve cells and their connections within reach [more]
Winfried Denk and three colleagues honored with the Brain Prize
One million Euros for the invention, development and application of the two-photon microscopy [more]
Winfried Denk becomes a member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO)
Acknowledgement of outstanding achievements in microscopy [more]
The brain: with all its cells and their connections
Scientists succeed in the complete reconstruction of a piece of retina [more]
Winfried Denk is member of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS)
High merit for the Martinsried' Max Planck director [more]
Winfried Denk receives Kavli Prize in Neurosciences
The Martinsried' scientist is awarded one of the world's most prestigious prizes [more]
New director at the institute

New director at the institute

September 21, 2011
Prof. Dr. Winfried Denk will continue his research in Martinsried [more]
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