Application for an internship

We are happy to learn about your interest in an internship at our institute! Below, you will find information on how to apply.

Student internship

Most departments and groups offer internship opportunities for enthused students studying in a respective field (please see below for exceptions). However, the number of applications by far exceeds the available capacity. Due to the lack of time and space, we regret that we cannot always answer in the affirmative.

To ensure that an internship at our institute is in accordance with your particular interests, please first acquaint yourself with our research topics via our webpage. The websites of the different departments and independent research groups will help you to decide which group's research complies best with your own area of interest.
Please note that internships are currently not available in the following departments/groups:

  • Genes - Circuits - Behavior (Herwig Baier)
  • Circuits of Spatial Hearing (Benedikt Grothe)
  • Cortical Column in Silico (Bert Sakmann)
  • Neuroimmunology (Hartmut Wekerle)

In accordance with the number and state of running projects, the possibility to take interns varies constantly within the groups and departments. A centralized assignment of currently open positions is thus not possible. For your application, please send a short cover letter to the leader of the group or department of your choice. In this letter, please explain in detail your reasons for applying to this particular group. In addition to the usual CV and references, please include an approximate timeframe in which you could carry out the requested internship - long term internships are preferred.

Internship for school pupils

It's great to learn of the scientific interest and enthusiasm of pupils. School students who would like work in one of our laboratories, however need to be extensively safeguarded for security reasons. In general, we don't have the personnel capacity to guarantee for this. This means, regrettably, that we are not able to offer internships for pupils in our departments and groups.

Still, we consider it a pleasant duty to promote scientific interest, particularly among young people. We have thus expanded the number and scopes of classes in our students' and visitors' lab (MaxLab). Not only high school students, but also pupils from other grades are now able to work in the authentic MaxLab laboratory environment. One-day courses for high school classes, a young researcher's week in the summer holidays, or the introductory class molecular biology, are some course examples. The MaxLab also offers a one week internship for pupils in the German 9th and 10th grade. Due to organizational reasons, the time of this internship week is restricted to the time given on the MaxLab internet site. Please check this site for further information:

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