Publikationen von Drago Guggiana Nilo

Zeitschriftenartikel (3)

Guggiana Nilo, D.; Riegler, C.; Hübener, M.; Engert, F.: Distributed chromatic processing at the interface between retina and brain in the larval zebrafish. Current Biology 31 (9), S. 1945 - 1953.e5 (2021)
Herrera, K. J.; Panier, T.; Guggiana-Nilo, D.; Engert, F.: Larval Zebrafish Use Olfactory Detection of Sodium and Chloride to Avoid Salt Water. Current Biology 31 (4), S. 782 - 793.e3 (2021)
Contreras, R.; Porcile, V.; Guggiana-Nilo, D.; Aguayo, F.: An efficient protocol to perform genetic traceability of tissue and foods from Geoffroea decorticans. Chilean journal of agricultural & animal sciences 35 (3), S. 224 - 237 (2019)
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