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Krumbholz, M.; Faber, H.; Steinmeyer, F.; Hoffmann, L. A.; Kümpfel, T.; Pellkofer, H.; Derfuss, T.; Ionescu, C.; Starck, M.; Hafner, C. et al.; Hohlfeld, R.; Meinl, E.: Interferon-beta increases BAFF levels in multiple sclerosis: implications for B cell autoimmunity. Brain 131, S. 1455 - 1463 (2008)
Krumbholz, M.; Mohan, H.; Junker, A.; Steinmeyer, F.; Arzberger, T.; Newcombe, J.; Lassmann, H.; Wekerle, H.; Hohlfeld, R.; Meinl, E.: Maintenance of B cells and plasma cell in the CNS in multiple sclerosis. Journal of Neural Transmission 115 (12), S. 1718 - 1718 (2008)
Krumbholz, M.; Theil, D.; Steinmeyer, F.; Cepok, S.; Hemmer, B.; Hofbauer, M.; Farina, C.; Derfuss, T.; Junker, A.; Arzberger, T. et al.; Sinicina, I.; Hartle, C.; Newcombe, J.; Hohlfeld, R.; Meinl, E.: CCL19 is constitutively expressed in the CNS, up-regulated in neuroinflammation, active and also inactive multiple sclerosis lesions. Journal of Neuroimmunology 190 (1-2), S. 72 - 79 (2007)
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