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    Glas, A.; Hübener, M.; Bonhoeffer, T.; Goltstein, P. M.: Benchmarking miniaturized microscopy against two-photon calcium imaging using single-cell orientation tuning in mouse visual cortex. PLoS One 14 (4) (2019)
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    Goltstein, P. M.; Reinert, S.; Glas, A.; Bonhoeffer, T.; Hübener, M.: Food and water restriction lead to differential learning behaviors in a head-fixed two-choice visual discrimination task for mice. PLoS One 13 (9) (2018)
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    Liebscher, S.; Keller, G. B.; Goltstein, P. M.; Bonhoeffer, T.; Hübener, M.: Selective Persistence of Sensorimotor Mismatch Signals in Visual Cortex of Behaving Alzheimer's Disease Mice. CURRENT BIOLOGY 26 (7), pp. 956 - 964 (2016)
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    Journal Article
    Goltstein, P. M.; Hübener, M.: A Division of Light and Dark in the Visual Cortex. NEURON 88 (4), pp. 624 - 626 (2015)
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    Montijn, J. S.; Goltstein, P.; Pennartz, C. M. A.: Mouse V1 population correlates of visual detection rely on heterogeneity within neuronal response patterns. ELIFE 4 (2015)
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    Rose, T.; Goltstein, P.; Portugues, R.; Griesbeck, O.: Putting a finishing touch on GEC's. FRONTIERS IN MOLECULAR NEUROSCIENCE 7 (2014)
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