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    Paixao, S.; Loschek, L.; Gaitanos, L.; Morales, P. A.; Goulding, M.; Klein, R.: Identification of Spinal Neurons Contributing to the Dorsal Column Projection Mediating Fine Touch and Corrective Motor Movements. NEURON 104 (4), pp. 749 - 764.e6 (2019)
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    Gong, J.; Körner, R.; Gaitanos, L.; Klein, R.: Exosomes mediate cell contact-independent ephrin-Eph signaling during axon guidance. The Journal of Cell Biology 214 (1), pp. 35 - 44 (2016)
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    Filosa, A.; Paixao, S.; Honsek, S. D.; Carmona, M. A.; Becker, L.; Feddersen, B.; Gaitanos, L.; Rudhard, Y.; Schoepfer, R.; Klopstock, T. et al.; Kullander, K.; Rose, C. R.; Pasquale, E. B.; Klein, R.: Neuron-glia communication via EphA4/ephrin-A3 modulates LTP through glial glutamate transport. Nature Neuroscience 12 (10), pp. 1285 - 1292 (2009)
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