Publications of F. W. Schwaiger

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Journal Article
Schmitt, A. B.; Breuer, S.; Liman, J.; Buss, A.; Schlangen, C.; Pech, K.; Hol, E. M.; Brook, G. A.; Noth, J.; Schwaiger, F. W.: Identification of regeneration-associated genes after central and peripheral nerve injury in the adult rat. BMC Neuroscience 4, 8, pp. [1] - [13] (2003)
Journal Article
Kerber, G.; Streif, R.; Schwaiger, F. W.; Kreutzberg, G. W.; Hager, G.: Neuregulin-1 isoforms are differentially expressed in the intact and regenerating adult rat nervous system. Journal of Molecular Neuroscience 21 (2), pp. 149 - 165 (2003)
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