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The entire program on your cell phone

The entire program on your cell phone

Public Events

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Public events

Day of the Open Door - Saturday, November 17th 2018

Take a look behind the scenes: Our scientists are happy to answer your questions regarding the development and function of the brain and nervous system and take you into the world of the body's machines – the proteins. Lectures and lab tours show the diversity of current research topics. In our hands-on laboratory, the MaxLab, visitors of all ages are able to don the lab coat themselves. In between events, visitors can relax in our science cinema or stroll through our photo exhibit and the drawings of the elementary school contest with the topic "What is my body actually made of?“

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Some of the lab tours are in English and of course, all of our scientists and staff speak English. The bus 266 will run as often as during the week. Free parking space is available. For your kindergarden children, we offer a separate short-term supervision. Our canteen and cafeteria are open throughout the day.

Lecture series
Science for everyone: Research at the Campus Martinsried

Over the years, the campus Martinsried / Großhadern has earned a reputation for excellent scientific work. Every year leading campus scientists present the aims and background of their work in this generally understandable lecture series. Please find the program overview in the right hand column.

Everyone is welcome and admission is free. Talks are given in German.

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