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Service - EM-Histo Lab

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EM-Histo Lab

The service team of the EM-Histo lab assists the scientists by producing histological preparations for light- and electron-microscopic analyses.

We help our scientists and guests with the design, implementation and analysis of their projects. Our technical know-how and the provision of equipment and chemicals ensure a quick and efficient realization of scientific projects.

The instruction of trainees is likewise part of our service.

Our equipment

Paraffin microtoms Reichert-Jung Supercut 2065
Cryostat Leica CM 3050
Ultramicrotomes Leica UC6
Ultracut (Reichert-Jung)
Microscopes Axiophot (Zeiss)
Leica DFC 490 Camera
Stainer Ultrostain (Leica)
TEM JEOL JEM-1230 TEM (40-120kV)
Gatan Orius CCD camera
Miscellaneous Leica EM Trimm
Fiske Micro-Osmometer

Provided techniques

Histology             paraffin sections
cryostat sections
vibratom sections
histological staining
EM processing of specimens
thick and thin sectioning
serical sectioning
image processing
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