Technical Services

Technical Services

The Technical Services are a shared facility of the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology and the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry.

The in-house specialists of the Technical Services assure the permanent and smooth provision of an optimal infrastructure for the ongoing  research under economic conditions. The service includes the maintenance, repair and monitoring of the equipment and facilities which supply the laboratories at the MPI campus with electricity, water, heat, cooling, air, gas and telecommunication.

Furthermore, the Technical Services are also a modern service center. that meets the scientists' precise requests with a high quality service. In close cooperation with the scientists, the staff of the Technical Services is in charge of the conceptual design, development and production of custom-made, innovative laboratory equipment and spare parts. 

In our training workshop youths can learn the profession of a precision mechanic.

Our core competences are:

Fine mechanics workshop / electronics workshop (Central Workshops)

  • Conceptual design, construction, operation and maintenance of scientific laboratory equipment following individual requirements
  • Fabrication of additional devices and  modifications for the microscopic sector
  • Welding and metal work according to the scientists' requirements
  • Troubleshooting and repair of laboratory equipment (exception:  equipment subject to regular auditing)
  • Customer service and application consultation also when the equipment supplied by the Technical Services is in use
  • Equipment demonstration / consultation prior to the aquisition of industrial equipment

House and institute managing system

In case there is a problem with a building's supply of heat, cooling, air, water, technical gases (except for botteled gases) or electricity,  the staff of the fault hotline of the Technical Services is available 24/7.

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